IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-II
Organization and Objectives
In this backdrop, the Committee of Steel Structures, Japan Society of Civil Engineers organized the first seminar on the Advances in Bridge Engineering jointly with the Civil Engineering Division, IEB, Roads and Highways Department and the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority, Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh on 10 August 2005. Special emphasis was given on steel-composite construction. Again these major stakeholders, now also with the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering have joined together to make further effort to hold the series conferences to be held on 8-10 August 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This time, emphasis will be given
on the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of bridges, putting particular emphasis on the bearings, expansion joints, base isolation system and shock transmission units. There exists a need to update the knowledgebase of the academicians, designers and construction industry of the country in the field of bridge engineering by exchanging ideas and sharing of their experiences. The conference is expected to initiate the transfer of sustainable technologies regarding economic design, construction, use and maintenance of bridges in Bangladesh and in the region. The experts from Japan, Europe and the neighboring countries are expected to provide in-depth deliberations on bridge forms, architecture, aerodynamic design, vibration and serviceability requirements. In order to enhance regional cooperation, the conference aims to generate further discussions on the necessity and format of a unified Bridge Code for the Asian countries.








IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-II
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